Terms & Conditions of Membership.

  1. Members are asked to wipe down equipment after use. Suitable disinfectant spray can be located in each area.
  2. For safety, please do not leave weights on the floor, please put the weights back onto the racks.
  3. Memberships may be transferred at the discretion of the management. No refunds can be given on any upfront annual memberships.
  4. No food or drink other than purchased at the club can be consumed on the premises.
  5. No jeans are allowed in the gym or fitness studio.
  6. Trainers must be worn in the gym / fitness studio at all times.
  7. You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable for the Type of Membership you have chosen.
  8. The management have the right to terminate any membership should the management feel the members actions are unacceptable.
  9. The management have the right to refuse any person for whatever reason for membership and entry into the club.
  10. The management will not be responsible for theft and damage to belongings either inside or outside of the club.
  11. The management will not be responsible for accidents inside or outside of the club.
  12. The management have the right to change opening and closing times with due notice.
  13. The management have the right to change any fees, classes and restructuring of any aspects of the club with due notice.

Cancellations Policy ( Applies only to Rolling Monthly Memberships)

  1. One months notice is required when cancelling your membership.
  2. Monthly direct debit memberships cannot be cancelled within the first three months of joining.
  3. Any outstanding membership fees due when a membership or direct debit is cancelled, must be paid upon the request of either the club or authorised collection agency.
  4. Your direct debit will automatically be cancelled by us, once your final monthly payment has been taken.
  5. Overdue accounts may be passed to an external collection agency, upon which, additional collection fees will also become payable.
  6. Cancellation requests must be made by completing a cancellation form at the gym reception desk or online.
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