Massage / Sports Therapy

Origin is proud to welcome Richard Mcnally to the family.

With over 15 years in the industry and over 22 years of training experience makes him a knowledgeable edition to the team.


His warm friendly approach will make all feel welcome and comfortable when receiving a treatment. In his own words;


‘I feel personally invested into each and every one who walks through the door’.

Whether you are training for a competitive event or simply want to ease tight or sore muscles, Massage Therapy and Sports Therapy offer a number of benefits, including:

  • releasing muscle tension and relieving pain
  • improving flexibility
  • managing niggles and minor injuries
  • reducing recovery time after exercise
  • aligning posture
  • restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving joint mobility
  • minimising and relieving discomfort during and after pregnancy
  • lymph system stimulation


Time Member Non Member
1 Hour £30 £35
30 Minutes £20 £20


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Is Massage Therapy / Sports Therapy right for me ?

In short, yes. Despite all its benefits, many people still don’t know why Massage Therapy / Sports Therapy is so important for helping keep the body aligned, healthy and in balance.


Any serious athlete or good Physio will tell you that if you play sports or exercise regularly, you also need to be getting regular Sports Massages.

There’s no better way to ease tired and sore muscles, reduce injury risk, improve your recovery time after workouts and make sure little niggles don’t turn into something bigger and nastier.


But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from massage.


Massage Therapy is a great way to relax sore or tight muscles and deal with any minor muscle pulls or strains. It’s particularly valuable for deskbound office workers for helping ease the back and neck pain that can build up after a long day hunched over a desk. And last but by no means least it’s a very effective way to combat the emotional and mental stresses and pressures of 21st century life.


By locating tense or painful areas in your body our Massage Therapist will use a number of massage techniques to manipulate muscles and soft tissues in the body and help alleviate body ailments.


We can also advise on exercises and techniques that you can do at home or at work to strengthen weak or vulnerable areas of the body, improve posture and reduce the pain and muscle tightness in the future.


What can I expect ?

Richard will ask a number of questions about any injury, pain or other conditions you may be presenting and will choose the best approaches and techniques to help address them.


After a Massage Therapy session, typically, you’ll feel relaxed. In some cases, you will probably feel some soreness in the region where you had an injury or tightness. This is completely normal and will usually ease within a day.


Making Sports Massage Therapy a part of your training programme offers a range of benefits including reduced muscle stiffness and soreness, faster recovery from exercise and the ability to train more frequently, as well as improved posture and injury prevention.


Reduced muscle stiffness and soreness

If you think of the last time you hurt yourself, you probably rubbed the area. Touch is not only an instinctive reaction to pain, but also a natural, scientifically proven way to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Massage increases blood circulation, helping provide the oxygen and nutrients that the tissues need for recovery. The manual pressure of massage stimulates the arteriolar pressure, as well as increasing muscle temperature. This enhances the exchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells, which promotes metabolism and assists the body during its remodelling phase after exercise.


In addition, massage assists in breaking down the scar tissue and adhesions that cause stiffness and pain during recovery time.

Shorter recovery time after exercise

Muscle soreness is caused by waste products such as lactic acid and carbonic acid that accumulate in the muscle tissues after exercise.


By increasing the circulation of the lymph flow, massage can help eliminate these. Moreover, exercise can overwork or traumatise the joints and tissues surrounding them, and as a result they tend to tighten and become stiff.


Massage improves range of motion, muscle flexibility and decreases muscle tension.

Improved Posture

Massage stretches and loosens shortened muscles, restoring range of motion.

In addition, it can also stimulate weak, flaccid muscles.


In combination, this ability to ‘rebalance’ the muscles can significantly improve posture, encourage more efficient movement and prevent or reduce current or future postural injuries.


Faster rehabilitation after injury. Prehabilitation to avoid it

Massage helps prevent and supports the healing of injuries.


Many soft-tissue injuries will benefit from a massage treatment by reducing the formation of scar tissue and by influencing the secretion of fluids necessary for tissue repair. The increased circulation of blood and lymph flow promotes tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation.


Massage can also focus on specific muscles or areas (often the result of previous injuries) to keep them in a healthy condition and to prevent any developing problems.

Pain Relief

Massage is believed to reduce pain by blocking pain signals sent to the brain and to encourage relaxation by stimulating the nervous system. It can also reduce painful muscle spasm and cramping and enhance blood flow to nerves that may have been damaged from injury.


The majority of running injuries develop over a period of time; they’re overuse injuries, due to repeated impact. Clearly, given the nature of the training involved, this is a potential concern for anyone preparing for or competing in distance events.


To avoid having to pull out of the race after months of hard training, it is recommended to seek early treatment. If you already feel a niggle which is causing you concern, the best advice is to get it checked as soon as possible to avoid further damage


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